I think about my work as an escape to an imaginative world of playfulness and colors. For me, painting is a key to a secret garden, my inner vision that frees my imagination. My inspiration comes from nature and our surroundings. I’m constantly looking for unique forms as well as original and beautiful colors. I love discovering the lines and organic shapes hidden in the landscape and I’m fascinated with the living color in nature’s palette. Color is a strong catalyst in my work. The interaction of forms and colors and how they unfold on my paper or canvas creates a visually imaginative and whimsical story.

Painting is an intuitive exercise for me. I’m creating without planning, designing or sketching beforehand. Living in the moment, both in life and in creating art, has become my philosophy. With time I’ve learned to be more spontaneous and accepting of mistakes, being forgiving not only in the real world but on paper as well. This provides me with many opportunities for happy “accidents” which often become a very important part of the whole painting. The process of creating art is a journey and not only a destination. What is really  important is the way of getting there, with the end result being the culmination of that journey and its paths.

A strong influence on my love of art was made by my upbringing in Poland and Hungary, countries whose rich historical and folk heritage helped lead me towards my studies and attainment of a Masters’ Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Subsequently, I made my new home in the greater New York area and furthered my education in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Thus, combining the influences of the Old World with the playful contemporary flavor of the new led me to create the paintings from which my fabric fantasies were borne, becoming one piece and combining many senses – the visual of the paintings with the touch and feel of the fabrics.