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The color red just makes me smile

Following black and white, red was the first color in use. Primarily associated with passion and a zest for life, red is one of the top two favorite colors of all people. It excites the emotions, from love and passion to fiery anger. Being very powerful, red can speed up the pulse, increase the respiration […]


While white reflects light and is a presence of all color, black absorbs light and represents an absence of color. Black is the opposite of white – literally color without color. Typically black is associated with the unknown, with the negative – something secretive and sad. On the other hand, black is a very prestigious […]

If you don’t think of white as a color, think again….

White is not often considered a color. Even the Impressionists didn’t see white in nature. But, nature has plenty of white – objects such as clouds, snow, and flowers to name a just a few. White has its own harmony of silence. For me either, next to the brightness and playfulness of all the other […]

Color of the moment

I’m fascinated with colors. What I’ve learned about colors is that I never stop learning about them. They play a very important role in the world we live in and that surrounds us. Color is essential in enhancing our environment. It can communicate emotion, create moods and optical illusions, delight. It is so much more than just […]