While white reflects light and is a presence of all color, black absorbs light and represents an absence of color. Black is the opposite of white – literally color without color. Typically black is associated with the unknown, with the negative – something secretive and sad. On the other hand, black is a very prestigious and formal color. In fashion and interiors, black exudes elegance and a seamless design element that’s always inviting for some contemporary and fun additions. Like Piet Mondrian’s abstract paintings, black plays a very important role. His most famous paintings are made up of red yellow, white and blue and, of course, the addition of black. Clean, simple and fun. So black doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with darkness and sadness but can be a great addition to all the colors bright and subtle to be a part of happy and joyful composition too. The notion of black signifying darkness might be looked at from a different point of view. Space is often thought of as a black void. Yet, when looked at very closely it is filled with stars and galaxies which, ironically, shine of light – the light from which all colors are born.

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