My first fabric collection “Floret Geometric”

Having my own fabric collection was always a dream of mine. 
Beautiful fabrics combine everything I love – gorgeous colors for the eyes, softness to the touch and imaginative or playful motifs for the soul.
My grandmother was a seamstress, so I was introduced to the sewing machine at a very early age. I very quickly fell in love with the process of sewing my own clothing. Not only was I proud to wear something that no one else had, but I was also thrilled combining colors that I chose specifically for the project.
For me the designing process always starts with painting. I like to let my imagination loose yet take inspiration from nature’s forms and shapes. Then, I take some of the motifs and play around with them and put them into repeat. The color combinations are also inspired by my paintings. My first fabric collection “Floret Geometric” from RJR fabrics was inspired by my watercolor painting “Fall Geometric”. If you look at the painting closely you can find the little floral motifs which were used in the collection. Originally, this painting was inspired by a beautiful sunflower field in late August and early fall. For me, these flowers always evoke a sense of style and appearance that is very mid-century. So, I wanted to keep the feel of this period by painting all the motifs and flowers as square-shaped. 
My goal was to keep the notion of playfulness also in the fabric collection, which can turn out many fun projects! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful creations using “Floret Geometric”!
See the  full collection here
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