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Oil painting

Oil paint is the principal medium used for creative work, and it was my first admiration.
I enjoy everything about it! The smell, the creamy texture and the way that it glides so easily on a textured canvas. Endless possibilities for exploration! Oil paint remains wet longer than many other types of artists’ materials, so I can change the color, texture and composition many times. It is very forgiving, even allowing me to paint over previous layers. Playing with layers is different than with watercolor paint. Oil paint is not translucent and each additional coat of the paint has the ability to hold or conceal the previous brushstroke. I might even remove an entire layer of paint to begin anew. There are many kinds of brushes – from natural bristle to synthetic. All create different effects of strokes and textures. I experimented with many possibilities. But now I prefer to paint with a thin layer of paint on my canvas using a smaller flat brush. Going with the flow of lines, dots and circles, I challenge myself to paint without covering or changing anything. And because there are many kinds of whites in oil paints, I don’t leave any white surface from the canvas. I’ll just mix the right shade and use it like any other color.


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