Color of the moment

I’m fascinated with colors. What I’ve learned about colors is that I never stop learning about them. They play a very important role in the world we live in and that surrounds us. Color is essential in enhancing our environment. It can communicate emotion, create moods and optical illusions, delight. It is so much more than just décor. It is almost impossible to separate the “seeing” of color from the “feeling” because so much of what we see is influenced by what we feel. Everybody has a natural affinity for or attraction to certain colors. The choice of colors in everyday life, such as those of the clothing you wear or how you decorate can be a powerful tool that can affect your emotions, mood and wellbeing. In my art I’m looking for combinations of colors that please the aesthetic sense and appreciation for beauty. My attraction to colors constantly changes, but can almost be like a love affair during which I indulge in the particular color and explore its possibilities. Lately, I really enjoyed working with blues and purples. Each palette expresses a different mood. The blue has a calming effect – it is the color of the water and sky. It symbolizes trust, peace and loyalty. It can create a sense of calmness and relaxation.I’m not sure, but maybe these are the colors of my soul’s desire right now. I can certainly say that the color combinations reflect my mood of the moment.

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