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Patterns are my passion. They are most recognized for organic florals and playful geometrics in bold and bright colors.

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All of my artwork can be reproduced into museum quality prints.

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"I love discovering the lines and organic shapes hidden in the landscape and I’m fascinated with the living color in nature's palette."

Hello. I’m Katalin, an artist and designer, and I’m passionate about the process of creating and bringing my imagination to life. I remember as a young girl making my own clothes, knitting, painting and creating any other kind of art that I could try. I always start with the basics - a blank paper or canvas and watercolors or oil paints of bold primary colors.

Whether its painting original works or designing patterns inspired by my paintings, I love to use playful motifs with soft lines and bright, fun colors.

My style is whimsical and playful, and I take endless inspiration from my past and present surroundings.

"The interaction of forms and colors creates a visually imaginative and whimsical story."

floral bright colorful watercolor painting

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