My love for art, painting, and colors started a long time ago when I discovered the beauty and joy in mixing all kinds of paints and discovering new shades and hues. It made me happy to look at colors just out of the tube when they are untouched and pristine. However, I also love how beautiful they are when they are ‘messy’ and blended together. 

In my university years, I was further experimenting with many fine art forms as well as designs, including watercolor and oil paintings along with tapestry and textile design. Color has always been a very strong catalyst in my work. Discovering all types of painting techniques, hand painting the yarns and playing with colors while designing patterns, made me want to learn more about the history and meaning of colors. My university thesis was based on what I learned on my artistic journey – discovering pigments, hues, and tones.   

The interaction of forms and colors and how they unfold on my paper or canvas creates a visually imaginative and whimsical story. Colors bestow on us a positive mood – bright red makes us happy and energized and the many beautiful shades of blue set us up for relaxation and quietness. 

For me, painting is a key to a secret garden, my inner vision that frees my imagination. My inspiration comes from nature and our surroundings and I am constantly looking for unique artistic forms as well as original and beautiful colors. I love discovering the lines and organic shapes hidden in the landscape and I’m fascinated with the living color in nature’s palette.

Creating art became a very organic process, and painting is very intuitive for me. I create without planning, designing or sketching beforehand. I love to paint with my watercolors spontaneously which provides me with many opportunities for happy ‘accidents’. I think about my paintings as an escape to an imaginative world of playfulness and colors. Living in the moment for me, both in life and in creating art, became my philosophy. 

Patterns are also a passion of mine. They are most recognized for their organic florals and playful geometrics in bold and bright colors. My designs printed on fabric in my scarf collection have hundreds of hues and will match any fashion at any time of the year.

Art is a journey and not only a destination. The process is the journey of getting there and not only about the end result; which is the culmination of that journey. I hope that my journey is one that brings you joy, energy, and beauty into your everyday life as it does for me.

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